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Pork Belly Beer House / Nero Belgian Waffle Bar

Pork Belly Beer House

A few days prior to us going to the restaurant I tried calling to make a reservation. The man who answered the phone said Ok he would take my reservation but he usually doesn't take reservations. We were only a group of five. He said they don't usually take reservations and he would seat us as soon as there is a table. I told my friends that we will meet at the restaurant at 6:45pm. Three of us carpooled and traffic into downtown was crazy busy. We actually got to the restaurant at 7pm. One friend in our group got there at 6:45pm and put his name on the list. The man / host / owner(?) said the wait was 25 minutes. We waited exactly 25 minutes for our table.

The restaurant is located close to Denman and Robson. It is in the area of full of Korean and Japanese restaurants. This is a Korean restaurant. The restaurant was filled with ESL Korean students. The tables and chairs are all non-matching. It is tables and chairs that were left over from their house or extra furniture that they had. There was some folding chairs and some non folding chairs. There was a plastic folding table and there were some wood tables. The walls were filled with graffiti like what you see on the bathroom walls.

What service? Just kidding, only half kidding. The  man / host / owner(?) explained to us the rules of dinner. The only service we got was when the man seated us and when he explained to us the rules. It is all-you-can eat for $15 per person plus taxes. If you finish eating in 10 minutes, you only have to pay $10 plus taxes. I didn't want to rush eating dinner so I was ok with paying the $15. There was a piece of paper which explained the rules and it was also the menu.

It was buffet style. The food was located on the counter. It is your responsibility to go to the counter and get the food yourself. There was sliced beef, marinated (and a bit spicey) sliced beef, fried chicken, slices of pork belly, kim chee, lettuce and rice. It included all you can drink coke or sprite. There was also seaweed soup.
                                                                 This plate is of the sliced beef and pork belly.

This is a picture of our table. There is a griddle for your group. Of course the number of griddle depends on the number in your group. We were only a group of 5 so we only got one griddle. The food was cooked already. All you had to do was put the food on the griddle for the grilled / charcoaled flavour. We put the sliced beef, marinated (and a bit spicey) sliced beef, and pork belly on the griddle. My friends were smart. They made a lettuce wrap with the meat inside. I made my own lettuce wraps too. I put sliced meat and a bit of rice inside the lettuce and wrapped it and ate it. It was easier to eat and it was tasty.

This is a picture of the fried chicken. It looks nice and greasy. It was delicious. The shape was a bit odd. The running joke was it was a GMO (genetically modified organism) piece of chicken. I ate the chicken with rice.

Overall Experience
I would give my overall experience here at 3.5 out of 5. The food was excellent. The value was great at $15 a person for all you can eat. The wait was a bit long but it was worth it. There was no service. The atmosphere was so so, it was a bit ghetto for me. One group during our stay was a bit loud but after they left the restaurant was a lot quieter.

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Nero Belgian Waffle Bar

I never heard of this place before we went here. Luckily it was across the street from Pork Belly Beer House.

It looks like a take out place with the counter by the entrance but there are a few tables. Luckily we were a table of 5 and one table was just leaving. We combined two small tables to accommodate our party. It had a very rustic feel too it. The table and chairs were wood and it was where you can see the planks of wood. We were sitting by the corner of the restaurant and we noticed on the shelf there were some books and games. I guess they expect the customers to stay awhile. But while were were there it was packed and a line up formed as we finished our food.

It was kinda like a take out restaurant. You go up to the counter and order your food. When your food is ready, they bring it to your table.


Me and one friend shared the Spekuloos waffle on the light and crispy waffle.

It was sooooo delicious. The waffle was light, the ice cream and whipped cream was nice and sweet with the   sauce on top!

Overall Experience
I would give this place a 4 out of 5. The food I had was awesome. The atmosphere was nice and quaint. The service was more of a take out place but it was ok.

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