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A few years ago my friends mentioned this restaurant. I didn't think much of it. I heard it was on 'Diners, Drive Ins and Dives' a few months ago. I would think the restaurant would need to be spectacular to be on a reputable show like 'Diners, Drive Ins and Dives'. It was also on 'You Gotta Eat Here' (the Canadian version of Diners, Drive Ins and Dives). I assumed being on two TV shows, it would be an excellent restaurant to eat at. My assumption was wrong! It was one of the worst experience I have ever had.

The restaurant looks like a little '70's rancher house. The front door wasn't facing the street. The length of the restaurant was facing the street address. In front of the entrance was two large totem poles. I walked thru the entrance and there was a small waiting area. It was a mini corner store. It sold candies and souvenirs. On the walls was their many accolades. They won many awards. It was for 'Best Breakfast in the North Shore' and 'Best Burger in the North Shore'. There was a small water fountain in the 'corner store'. There was 'No photography' sign. I wasn't sure if I wasn't allowed to take pictures of the fountain or of anything in the restaurant. I ended up taking my pictures without a flash. I didn't want to be kicked out for taking photos.

Once I walked past the 'corner store' and walked into the restaurant, I walked into a Native Indian diner. It was busy with customers the whole night. Maybe a sign of loyal customers? Maybe a sign new customers falling for the marketing of the restaurant? As I was waiting for my drinks and food, I admired all their decor. On part of their wall was autographed pictures of celebrities. The only celebrity I recognized was Agent Scully and Agent Mulder from The X - Files. The other walls had other Native Indian art, artifacts and small totem poles. All the art gave it a really nice atmosphere.

Food and Price
There was six of us for dinner. Four of us shared the following three dishes:

Certified Angus beef, New York 10oz steak, cooked to your liking, served with two country fresh eggs served fried or scrambled, golden grilled hash brown potatoes nestled against two slices of Klondike toast - $17.45

We ordered this steak medium rare. Its a gamble with most restaurant on how it's cooked. Some restaurants under cook it and some over cook it. This is one of the restaurants which over cook it. It might be a bad cut of steak also. With the combination of it being over cooked and bad cut of steak, it was really hard to cut and eat. We ordered the eggs over hard. They overcooked the eggs.

Organic Roast Beef Dinner
Organic, slow roasted Baron of Beef, hand carved and served with special house sauce, mashed potatoes, yorkshire pudding and seasonal vegetables - $17.85

This was their special of the night. Maybe we should not have ordered the special because it's a way for them to get rid of the extra food they have in stock? The worst roast beef I have ever eaten. It was chewy and hard to cut. The worst yorkshire pudding I've ever had too. It is supposed to be soft and easy to eat. This was hard to cut with a knife and chewy. The best part of this dish was the vegetables. I guess it doesn't say much for this dish.

Mixed Grill
Nine generous slices of Yukon style bacon, two country fresh eggs, fried or scrambled, two slices of Klondike toast, Organic hamburger patty, aged Canadian cheddar cheese, wiener, onions and fresh sauteed mushrooms - $17.45

There is nine slices of bacon in this dish. Who in their right mind would have this dish to themselves with nine slices of bacon? We felt this is a good sharable dish because each one of us would receive a decent amount of food. We had the eggs scrambled in this dish. I like my scrambled eggs soft. This egg was too over done for me. The organic hamburger patty was dry and not very tasty. This isn't even a visually appealing dish. It seemed like it was slapped together with no thought process on how to display the food.


I made a reservation a week prior. I like to make reservations if it is a group of 4 or more. When we got there, I told them we have a reservation for six people. He had a blank look on his face. I knew the person who took down my reservation didn't write it down or entered it in a computer anywhere. I guess we were lucky because they had some tables available which they put together to make our table of six. After we sat down, it was another 15 minutes before they took our drink order. It was about 30-40 minutes before we received our food. I didn't think it would take that long for our breakfast dishes. When our three dishes arrived, the server gave us three side dishes. We had to ask for another one because there was four of us sharing the three dishes. Our server maybe wasn't patient with us or didn't have good listening skills? A few instances we would ask for something. Before we finish our request, she would start walking away.

When she gave us the bill, she told us that she included a $5 service charge because we were sharing our dishes. I was very confused and choked at that. I go to many restaurants to eat and share my food with others about 95% of the time. I never get that special service charge tacked on my bill at the end of my meal. I have seen at some restaurants that they have a splitting charge written on their menu. If the server told us ahead of time that there will be a splitting charge, I may reconsider splitting my meal. If I am aware of the charge ahead of time, I don't mind paying the charge. But I don't think it is good business practice to tack it on after the fact and expect the customer to pay it. A few times when I am sharing with one other person and the restaurant knows that I will be sharing the dish, they even offer to plate it on two separate dishes for us for free. Does Tomahawk really think they can get away with charging me a special splitting charge? No! I had to go to the counter to pay for my bill. The guy at the cash register asked me how my meal was. I had to tell him that the server charged us a $5 splitting fee and we didn't know about it till the end of our meal. He apologized for it and refunded us the $5 charge. I was happy that he refunded the charge.

Overall Experience
I would give my experience a 1.5 out of 5. The whole one point was for the decor. The .5 point was for the splitting service charge being refunded to me. The food not good. The meat was chewy and my mouth was getting tired from chewing it. The service wasn't good. The price was a bit high. I would go to Denny's over this restaurant for breakfast food.

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