Sunday, December 5, 2010

Santali Souvlaki House

It was my friend's birthday dinner that night. There was a group of 20 of us, two tables of 10.

Food and Price

I ordered a Lamb Souvlaki (charbroiled marinated tender of lamb) and it was served with Greek or caesar salad, vegetables, roast potatoes, rice, tzatziki and pita bread. My dish was $14.95. I chose the Greek Salad. Because almost all of us in our table ordered a dish with pita bread, they gave us one plate with pita bread. When our plate of pita bread was finished, I ordered another order. They didn't tell me if it cost more money. It was a plate with two pita breads. I found out that it cost $2.50 for that plate. I was a bit choked. I did expect them to tell me and let me choose if I wanted it or not. A few minutes later our salads came out on a salad plate. After I finished my salad, then my meal came out. I am used to having my souvlaki's sides together on one plate. Maybe it's easier for the restaurant to serve it separately or maybe it's a new way to serve Greek food? I like eating together and having all the different tastes at the same time.

The food was good. It was a generous portion of lamb. The vegetables were two slivers of carrots and two slivers of zucchini and one piece of broccoli. It had 1/2 a roasted potato and some rice. I didn't manage to eat everything. I needed to save some room for birthday cake.


I think this restaurant has been around for many years and it went thru a renovation. The decor is very basic. There are pictures on the walls, probably of Greece. I wasn't paying attention to the contents of the pictures. While we were there, there was another large party in another room. It was a kids party and there were screaming kids. That made it annoying for us trying to have a conversation. It is a casual restaurant restaurant. The lights were bright. I think when a restaurant has dim lighting, it usually is a higher end restaurant. The more casual restaurants have brighter lighting. They did dim the lights when they brought out the birthday cake and sang Happy Birthday.


There was a server for each table. I think that was a good idea. Then they are able to able to give good service to each table. I don't think it was extraordinary service. I think they put effort in their service. It was good service for my table. There were no complaints. Nobody's food was sent back to the kitchen. Everyone got their food and drinks in a timely manner. They were quite nice about bringing out the cake.

Overall Experience
I would give this restaurant a 3.5 out of 5. I would come back again. It quite affordable but their selection is quite limited. Parking is a bit difficult because they don't have a parking lot. The food is good. The atmosphere is ok. The service is good.

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