Wednesday, August 4, 2010


This restaurant has been around for a few years. I have wanted to try it for a long time. My friends and I went there today because it was in the neighbourhood that we were rollerblading and we have a Entertainment Coupon.

It is a small restaurant with a small patio by the water. Because it was a nice night, everyone was sitting on the small patio. The decor inside the restaurant was very modern. The servers were young females wearing short black dresses as their uniform and their hairs weren't tied back (one of my pet peeves).

Food / Price
There was four of us. We shared the following dishes:

teignmouth pizza $14 chicken, bacon & mushroom on a rich tomato sauce & topped with mozzarella on homemade pizza dough
- the pizza was ok
- easily sharable

bangers & mash $14 cumberland sausages and mashed potato with caramelised onions and gravy
- it was good.
- easily sharable

chicken $21 rotisserie chicken quarter accompanied with a warm chickpea, spinach and tomato salad
- the salad was good. i have never had chickpeas in salad before.
- the chicken looked like it was spicey but it wasn't at all
- it was a bit dry
- grossly overpriced. we were talking about how we can get a whole rotisserie chicken for $8

ribs $27 slowly cooked pineapple-glazed full rack pork ribs served with a pineapple jalapeƱo salsa & asparagus
- excellent presentation
- the ribs weren't that tasty. I like ribs that have a good BBQ sauce or spiciness to it. It was neither. It tasted like it was broiled and grilled for a few minutes for the charred look.

The server was so slow. The food was slow to arrive. It seemed like forever (which was really about 30 minutes). Our server was pouring us water. She poured it for one person then told us that she would leave the water pitcher on our table. I thought she should pour the water for all of us before she leaves the pitcher on our table.

Overall Experience
I would give this a 2 out of 5. Food wasn't tasty. Price was too high. No value for your money. Eventhough we had an Entertainment Coupon, it didn't seem like it was good value. Atmosphere was ok. Patio was nice. Service not so good.

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