Friday, April 2, 2010

Texas and Brazil - chicago

Lisa is a little drunk tonight so she will dictate while I write for her. But now she can't be bothered to tell me what to write as she's busy eating chocolate cake. but now i'm getting frustrated typing on her iphone that i will pass it back to her.

That was my friend attempting to write my blog for me.

Food taste
Wow! I was almost in food heaven. It is a radizio like Samba. There is a salad bar and there are men carrying various meats around to your table. I tried chicken wrapped in bacon, filet magnon, ribs and lamb. The food was bbq'ed Brazilian style. It was sooo good. The meat was tender and juicy. But some meats were a bit too salty for me.

The server was very good. We ordered drinks and shared a piece of three layer mousse cake. She was always smiling and eager to help us.

It was $45 a person for the radizio. The hiball was $8. The cake was $8.

It is a very nice and classy restuarant. There were so many types of diners there.

Overall atmosphere
I would give it a 4 out of 5. Great food. Excellent service. Great atmosphere.

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